Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Data Recovery

Data Recovery is exactly what it sounds like - a way to recover important information that was lost from a computer crash, hard disk malfunction, or virus attack. No matter the scale, big corporation database recovery or single user retrieval of files from spontaneous “deleting”, data recovery is an important and necessary part of any operating system. Data Recovery software can be developed, installed and removed from existing systems to retrieve lost data or partial data and minimize damage caused to the system.
The goal of data recovery is perfection, as in, not losing a single byte of information. Unfortunately, this is next to impossible. One of the keys to success with data recovery is speed and accuracy. The programmer or IT professional that specializes in Data Recovery is a quick-thinking, problem solver who can work fast under pressure.
Information can be lost at a rapid pace and the time to recover the lost data requires extreme efficiency. Learning to back up your data can alleviate some of the pressure when data becomes lost or deleted.
Tutorials are made available in this section to help you learn the basics concepts and procedures on personal data recovery to more advanced tutorials such as understanding Electronic Vaulting, disk and tape storage for server based electronic business systems.